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Building Better Business

Your business audit
The B3 Programme

Building better business.

Is your business Delivering your ambitions?

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Your B3 Business Audit

The B3 Business Audit looks at three things for you and your business. It focusing on identifying how you can get:

  • More money
  • More time
  • More joy

I want you to see a real difference quickly and that’s why this audit is designed to identify the most important things for you to focus on.

Most people complete the audit in just a few minutes and we’ll send a personalised report back to you as soon as I have reviewed your results.

Your B3 Business Audit

Throughout this survey, you’ll be offered six options to choose from. I recommend that you don’t ponder too long on the answer or seek to justify a particular score. Your first reaction to reading the question is the most informative one.
  • Marketing and Message

    Please rate each question out of six stars, thinking about how you appear to your peers (competitors, prospective customers, other business owners):
    1 star - very poor;
    2 stars - much worse than my peers;
    3 stars - slightly worse than my peers;
    4 stars - slightly better than my peers;
    5 stars - one of the best in my market; and
    6 stars - unbeatable, the best in the world;

  • Sales and Pipeline