Building a Story Brand

Donald Miller describes this book as “The Book That Makes Marketing Easy” – and it is rather more than that. It will help you to consider your business and how it interacts with your customers and the wider community in a different way. It creates truly authentic marketing because you will focus on your story and your role in it, rather than building a series of generic marketing ‘techniques’ or phrases that customers ignore.

I’ve been a fan of Donald Miller’s ability to simplify and cut through the noise for some time. “Building a story brand” is a book that creates an understanding of the structure of stories that work for marketing your business.

Is this the book you need to read if you want to help their customers understand your products, ideas, or services? Join the discussion in the Building Better Business Bookclub and share your thoughts with other readers.

This is the Building Better Business Book Club featured book for January 2020 – Book into the discussion on February 6th at 12:00 here…


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