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William Buist

Freeing owner-led businesses in London and Bristol to make a meaningful difference.

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Do you…

Do you…

…wonder why your great team is not more successful?

Unlock Sustainable Profits

Designing the business to deliver valuable results every time.

Do you…

…feel you’ve lost the sense of adventure?

Lead a Remarkable Business

Leading your business at the top of your game in your market.

Do you…

…find small mistakes causing extra stress?

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Inspiring the business to deliver consistent reliable results

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Latest Articles

Why taking a position is the wrong way to negotiate a complicated agreement

We often take negotiating positions because they are easier, both to define and to understand, than the principles that underlie them. It’s often not even be the best position, just the one that we have chosen that will do well enough for now. Principled negotiations allow you to find the unexpected, better option, that nobody had even considered when the negotiations began.

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Are You Being Tested?

Buried in contracts, hidden in tenders, obscured by other details, tests that check your attention to detail are everywhere in business. Are you spotting the ones that matter?

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