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IR35 – the next challenge for independents.

1, Jun 2018 | Business | 2 comments

An early review of the HMRC consultation on IR35 in the private sector and a request for comment.

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Tactical questions, a business lesson from Brexit.

28, Apr 2018 | Business | 0 comments

In business we often ask questions to help guide our strategy and in particular the implementation of it. Great businesses ask many questions and they take time to consider contexts

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Knowledge, Skill, Experience and (un)conditional giving

23, Apr 2018 | Business | 0 comments

Is generosity always about reciprocity? I don’t think so, not even when the context is commercial. This blog explores giving, conditionally or unconditionally, for business.

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GDPR, analytics, cookies, and only doing what you need.

28, Mar 2018 | Business | 0 comments

GDPR brings in requirements to inform our contacts about what we do with data, it’s also an opportunity to review if what you are doing today is even necessary!

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Wrongsized! – The trap that can kill your business.

27, Feb 2018 | Business | 0 comments

In the work that I do, mentoring owner-led businesses, I regularly see significant pinch points. Is the business ‘wrongsized’ for its business model?

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What is a business model?

8, Jan 2018 | Business | 0 comments

Do you remember when you started your business? In that moment there is often real clarity about why. Yet in time, customers ask for things that the business can do, but are not aligned with the business purpose. Eventually, it gets confused, opaque, and much less fun.

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Straplines, Brexit, Trump and the business lessons of 2017

27, Dec 2017 | Business | 0 comments

There is something about catchphrases, especially present in 2017. This blog explores the lessons for business from one aspect of the political landscape in 2017.

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How to Convert Your Winning Ideas into Reality

27, Nov 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

Whether you run a multi-site business, a small team in a small enterprise or are are working on your own in an office, winning means getting your business strategy right.

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How Your Mastermind Makes Good Business Great

30, Oct 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

Mastermind groups, group peer mentoring, are solving issues and supporting each member for many business leaders, Are you in a mastermind group yet?

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How to Make Change Fast or Make Change Slow

16, Oct 2017 | Business, Collaboration, Risk Management | 0 comments

Transformation can be so large and the prize for success so big that it can be hard for anyone to visualise the whole process. Some fear it is happening too fast, others too slow. Some are advocates seeing the opportunity, others resist seeing only the risks.

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Why trends matter for business resilience.

8, Oct 2017 | Business, Risk Management | 2 comments

Business Risk is something that I define as “events that might happen, however unlikely, that impacts your ability to do business well.” As humans we aren’t designed to evaluate uncertainty, we tend to get both probabilities and impacts wildly wrong. Risk management needs a structured approach.

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Strategy, In your business, who is going to make it real?

11, Sep 2017 | Business | 0 comments

I’ve created a workshop to take the first step to being back in control. Having the time you need, so that you are working with clients whom you know are perfect

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The silent strategy of gender bias

23, Aug 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Business leaders know that gender diversity is good for their businesses, nad yet it still is not happening. When I look back over the 133 years since my Grandmother was born I know that we have come a long way, and have a long way to go. The blog looks at the evidence, the symptoms of hidden strategies, and the actions we should be taking now.

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The Eyes Have It.

16, Aug 2017 | Business, Personal | 6 comments

For most of the last couple of years, without realising the extent, I’ve been losing the sight in that right eye. Is your business losing its sight too?

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Doing business on a walk in the country.

14, Aug 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

On 21st September 2017 – I’ll be in South Cerney, near Cricklade, with a number of other business owners for a netwalk – a chance to build strong relationships, and gain and give insights to others, over a gentle walk and a pub lunch. Do come and join us, More details here…

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The silent strategies that could kill your business.

10, Aug 2017 | Business | 3 comments

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be looking at why strategy is especially important in owner-led businesses. I’ll touch on some unconscious strategies that I see holding businesses back from optimal performance and their typical symptoms, as well as how to make sure your business is immune.

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How the business risk landscape has changed.

27, Jul 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Today, politics and business are mixing on daily timescales. That’s a very different risk management landscape than many businesses have ever faced. What’s the biggest risk that the current uncertainty brings to your business?

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How to stay on the path to success, and what comes next?

10, Jul 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Every business knows what it needs to do next, but may not yet know in detail what to do after that. Longer term planning isn’t easy; with the uncertainties of the business environment; the actions of competitors & regulators; and economic and political shifts. How then can you move forward with certainty?

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How to create certainty in six shrewd steps.

29, Jun 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Uncertainty about what is coming is greater than ever; planning is difficult and the risks of undertaking projects to be ready, for example, for leaving the single market, is that the end result may still be very different from the current sense of direction. What are the six steps to protecting your business from these rapidly changing uncertainties?

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How Walking Shoulder to Shoulder Makes Agreement Easier.

18, Jun 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Walking shoulder to shoulder means that you have almost the same view as others. Cooperation, a frequent consequence of walking together, becomes harder when you are face to face, confronting each other.

Join William Buist on the xTEN Club Netwalk on 23rd June starting in Cricklade.

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How you can stand proud in a crowded market.

16, Jun 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Edward Hale’s quotation is as true today as it ever was, true in business too.

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Uncertainty, Election(s) Blues and what Business Leaders do next

9, Jun 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

Elections always lead us to speculate about the future, to see many demons in the darkness, but what should businesses do?

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Why taking a position is the wrong way to negotiate a complicated agreement

5, Jun 2017 | Business | 0 comments

We often take negotiating positions because they are easier, both to define and to understand, than the principles that underlie them. It’s often not even be the best position, just the one that we have chosen that will do well enough for now. Principled negotiations allow you to find the unexpected, better option, that nobody had even considered when the negotiations began.

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Why no-one (except you) really cares about your business model.

1, Jun 2017 | Business | 0 comments

It’s useful for any business to model not just how they work, but also to map out how others in your market approach what you do. Not to copy, nor to denigrate, but to understand how you differ and why.

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Are You Being Tested?

29, May 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Buried in contracts, hidden in tenders, obscured by other details, tests that check your attention to detail are everywhere in business. Are you spotting the ones that matter?

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How to Turn Back Progress In Order To Get Ahead

19, May 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Are your products underperforming? is a service, once treasured by clients, now letting them down? How much longer will you push on on the wrong road, before finding the right one?

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Sustainable Business – A White Paper

16, May 2017 | Business | 0 comments

Using examples of the seven essentials to sustainable success from the worlds of medicine, Formula 1 and aviation this white paper will highlight how small (strategic) changes in your own business can have a profound impact on how well it performs. Download it today.

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Collaboration – A Panacea, or a Route to Mediocrity?

7, May 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

Collaboration needs leadership, and it’s not just about the environment in which it takes place. Indeed, because people move at different speeds the ablest may feel they are picking up an unfair share of the workload. William Buist discusses Geoffrey James article in

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Why Collaboration Feels Like Hard Work…

27, Apr 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

There’s a lot of confusion about collaboration and a sense, for some, that it can be a panacea for all team issues (and many wider ones). Of course, it can feel like hard work, but I think it’s worth persevering, as long as the journey you are on is the right one. This discusses how you determine if that is the case.

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The Journey to Collaboration

20, Apr 2017 | Business, Collaboration | 0 comments

Going it alone can’t be the most efficient way to get everything done, and in the long run, it isn’t even the most satisfying. Business collaboration takes time, and effort and energy to make it possible for the essential trust and understanding to develop, but when it’s in place, you do more, in a more aligned way, more sustainably.

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