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Being 60 and changing lives…

I’m enjoying being 60, it’s liberating in some interesting ways, and it has given me the freedom to reflect about many things. Yesterday was an interesting day that flowed from that reflection. It ended with me making committed decisions to things which will, I suspect, change the course of much that I do. I am excited by the anticipation and eager to get it done.

Firstly I kicked off a project to undertake considerably more research to verify, or otherwise, the impact of applying the thinking that I use when working with my clients. The results I get are sound, and the feedback superb, but there’s not enough quantitative data to go with the qualitative. That will add so much robustness and will help to further refine the thinking that I have been doing for the past 4 or 5 years.

Secondly, I will expand the podcasts that I have been doing with more long form conversations with people whose story helps to create better business, for them and those they work with. If that’s you and you want to share some of your story, get in touch.

Thirdly, I’m going, over the next two years, to write it down. To create a body of knowledge about the realities of running a small business. Built on the Business Clarity Model, the collaboration work, masterminds, the power of “Clarity, Strategy Implementation” and my experience of mentoring some remarkable people. It’s my legacy, and it’s so purposeful that I’m full of energy.

Finally, I gave myself a kick up the backside about my speaking, which I just play at. I need to be serious. “Build a better business” is the thrust, and I’m looking forward to that being on the road very soon.

Yesterday was a big day for me, and now the commitment is there for all to see, and here’s the reason… whilst I’d better get on and deliver it , I’m going to need your help, your wisdom, your support, you holding me to account and your insight.

Today I am with my mastermind group, I know they will support every part of this, but more than that they will keep me accountable and focus the effort into the right order. It all starts right now…

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