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How you can stand proud in a crowded market.

Many smaller businesses often feel as if they are alone in a market of bigger, better resourced, competitors. Their situation drives them to think that competing for business means cutting margins and improving customer service. Doing more for customers than competitors are doing, and doing it for less. They work hard, yet their passion for making a difference is lost in the melee of marketing and sales and operations and finance and HR and… It does not have to be that way.

So what’s happening in your business?

Are you doing business in focus and on purpose, with the clarity of what you can do, of what you do brilliantly, of the things that others cannot emulate; because they are not you? Or are you letting what you cannot control, what you cannot do, interfere?

About William Buist
William Buist is a speaker, author and mentor to owner-led businesses. William runs an annual programme for small business owners who have an inspirational vision and are honest about their motives. Are you eligible for this programme? Read more of William's story here...

William is also the founder of the xTEN Club, a community for business leaders. Join us at our next business dinner - More information here...

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