A seasoned expert on collaboration, teams and effective business models, William is known today for making a dramatic business impact, both for owners and executives. His often-times intuitive approach helps them uncover invaluable insights about who they are and what they do, in the process enabling them to transform their businesses quickly and sustainably.

William is a Chartered Insurer with 23 years’ experience, he was Head of Business Risk Management & Chief Underwriter for Lloyds TSB Insurance. He developed techniques and methods for getting the best out of people and helping them to deliver exceptional results.  Built on real-world practical challenges, like the merger of Lloyds with TSB, and critical projects with the policy-makers for the industry, its regulators and government, his techniques have been proven time-and-time again and are supported by numerous case studies and war stories.

He developed a reputation for taking an innovative view of risk that both reduced costs and harnessed opportunity.  He built a powerful reputation for creating motivating environments and facilitating peer support for his teams so that they achieve unprecedented results – often exceeding all expectations, including their own.

William’s work creates clarity of vision, powerful strategy, and effective implementation capability that delivers phenomenal results.  He is also an accomplished speaker who connects with his audiences so that his knowledge is transferred effectively and insightfully. Often described as inspiring, thought-provoking and provocatively informative that means that people feel energised, empowered and eager to take action

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